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Hello,, I am from the US and purchased a France server. Some issues.

08/02/2014, 00h06
Nah dont worry it will all go through when your server is ready even if this way of doing things lacks information, at least you dont actually pay while you wait for your server to be set up. At least that's what happened for me

The Premium Hosting
06/02/2014, 02h29

I am from the US, and purchased a France SYS-E32-4 with a 72 hour setup time. So, after payment, I went to the manager, and logged in. So, it shows I have no pending servers, and no invoices. I sent an email in, no response yet, I also called the France number, and they told me I'd have to call back in at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning.

What is going on? I am showing no pending servers or paid invoices. Please help.

Thank you.