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Payment Validation Issue

05/06/2016, 12h38
ticket support

05/06/2016, 04h54
I am OVH customer since 2012 and I have 6 dedi & 12 VPS from OVH which costs above 500 Euros monthly. Every time I am trying to pay to kimsufi and soyoustart they put my payment under manual checking while I am not facing this issue with OVH.
I am not able to get server as per my need and there is delay in manual payment checking as they asks for documents each time. I am not able to understand what is the point of sending same documents again and again every month. I have raised this issue many time but support from OVH is as usual is awful and I wont be wondering if I receive a reply before 7 days which is normal for OVH.
Now yesterday again I bought new server from SYS and again same thing happened. I have again submitted my documents within 10 mins but till now there is no reply for SYS. I am afraid I will move out to other host if things keep continuing like this.
I need newly ordered server today by end of the day due to my urgent requirement and on delivery page OVH confirms server will be delivered within 120 secs which is generally not happening in case of SYS and KS.
I am highly disappointed with OVH services since they have created KS and SYS separate entity earlier OVH support was used to be wonderful.

SYS Order No - 53467255