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Hardware Failure, SYS not changing servers

07/06/2016, 16h04

REF TICKET: 1450805092

One of the SYS Server CPU Cooling System Failed on on May and the Intervention team did something and it started working:
05/02/2016 19:38 CPU cooling check

then again it failed today:
07/06/2016 19:27 CPU cooling check
07/06/2016 19:22 CPU cooling check

I have politely asked for change in server hardware as this has happened twice and this is the response i got:

I understand this request, however, for each cooling issue, our technicians intervene in the SLA delay and fix it. I cannot switch you on a new server, this one cannot be replaced at our cost. If you want to change it, you need to do it by yourself at your cost. For information, cooling system will be updated soon, I don't have ETA about it. Kind Regards, Dimitri, OVH IT Technician Support Expert

Because of communication issue i am not able to understand what he is trying to say ?

If this is hardware failure, why must i be paying to fix, is it not OVH responsibility to fix ? And the CPUs are still running abnormally and i know it will fail again.....If i cancel the order and re-order i have to pay the setup fees again which is completely unfair and i might loose the IPs.....

Why SYS / OVH you are creating problems like this, please answer