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How to unblock IP

Tim Peeters
09/04/2014, 00h24
Have you ever found out how to do this?

I have the same problem... I fixed the problem I think, but can't get the ip unblocked.
I've sent a few mails to support but at this hour I don't expect much reaction
Not good because this server is live... Damn...

06/01/2014, 03h05
How do I unblock a failover ip that was blocked by staff? My configuration was wrong so they blocked it but I think I fixed it so how do I unblock it? This was the email.

Thus, we have acted and blocked your IP failover

We ask you kindly to reconfigure the IP failover.
Once done, you will be able to unblock it in your manager, section
"Dedicated Servers"> ""> "Server Status"> "Blocked IP Addresses"

You can use the following guide to help you with the reconfiguration:

I don't see a server status in the sys panel?