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Vat removal, mi26850-sys

26/11/2014, 18h08

I'm waiting for vat exemption status confirmation from SYS since few days. I already sent several mails to support, and also called the phone support but had not been able to fix it (phone support just asked me to send another mail).

Please somebody check our handle, mi26850-sys, invoice number SYSFR45936, order number BC32963890. and confirm our vat deduction status.

We're already a customer of kimsufi range with the same email and company as for sys, and kimsufi is sorted out.

The invoice above has already paid trough paypal, so you can cross-check that we're a legit shop.

I'm willing to upgrade all our kimsufi servers with SYS, but I cannot do until I can get proper invoicing (or our accounting department will kill me).

Thank you.