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my services will be expire

08/12/2014, 14h30

08/12/2014, 14h28
hi dear
1 week ago i paid 60 euro invoice and not accept yet !! and after accept i must pay 30 euro invoice but in my panel show 90 euro for payment
info of 60 euro : Bon de commande : Numéro : 33249203 Date : 01 Décembre 2014 19:32:25
today i receive this email :
Incident de paiement / règlement de la facture !!!

Because of a default on the payment method you have registered , invoice
renewal of your services as of 2014-12-01 could not be honored.
We invite you to go to your account to learn a new way
Payment and regularize the following bill: xxxxxxx

We remind you that this bill is linked to the following services :

In the absence of payment within 7 days, your service will be suspended.
In case it would have been addressed in the meantime, please take
early contact with our services.